What is The Alliance?


The Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports will focus on the following areas:

  • Communication: An online Community of Interest/Practice will provide and organize the most up to date information on individualized, person-directed supports. Information and ideas will be shared through webinars, video conferencing, social media and networking opportunities as well as through  in-person workshops and conferences.
  • Resources: organizing and maintaining information, materials, research, up-to-date news and blogging.
  • Connections: Members will be able to post profiles and connect with others nationally and internationally who share their interests in promoting self-direction, individualized supports and full inclusion.
  • Advocacy: The Alliance will take positions and identify public policy and funding obstacles to making the shift to individualized supports available on a wide scale and will participate in public policy education and advocacy to create an environment that supports this change in service models.

The Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports will:

  • Educate by sharing, promoting and modeling best solutions, research, innovations and practices for personalized services;
  • Create forums and opportunities for sharing questions, useful information and positive practices; and,
  • Support people with disabilities and their family members, as well as self-advocacy and family organizations that are committed to advancing citizen directed supports and services.

The heart of The Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports is a virtual organization with
an online community of interest that will offer:

  • The ability for members to identify areas of interest and expertise and connect with members who share these;
  • The ability for members to participate in discussion forums to pose questions, offer ideas and search current and past discussion threads;
  • A resource library (archive) that allows members to search and access relevant articles, research, websites, etc.;
  • The ability for members to join subgroups by interest areas (employment, self-advocacy, family support, staff development, housing, funding, etc.);
  • The ability for members to search for and connect to other members (for example, members from their country or state or who have interest/expertise in a particular issue);
  • A way to collect and share relevant historical information, current research and policy/funding information;
  • Invited or self-initiated blogs and articles;
  • Postings of news/developments;
  • Relevant job postings; and,
  • A social network through which people can connect with others.

Our growth will be guided by our members. We will seek guidance from the membership as the Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports grows to determine the benefits in which people have the most interest.

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