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We welcome the participation and support of partner organizations including: government agencies, financial management service organizations, managed care organizations, professional/research/training organizations, consulting firms, foundations, state/local councils, provider organizations and vendors.

If you are an organization that provides services for self-direction or an advocacy organization that represents disabled people who self-direct, you should instead apply to be a Member Organization.

As a way to demonstrate our commitment to each and every organization who wants to join the Alliance, we are reducing our membership dues by 50%, effective March 2021.  Don’t let resources be a reason not to join!

Your support includes opportunities to:

Grow Your Brand

Gain trust and loyalty from our members by having your brand featured on our website, newsletter, blog and more.

Promote Your Work

 Share a success story, a resource from your organization, or other materials relevant to our members through our email listserv, blog, and/or newsletter


Tap into the extensive knowledge and experience of people who are living and seeking to live self-directed lives and those who support them.


This is the best time to join the self direction movement; we are growing rapidly every day as segregated facilities close across the U.S. and people realize the efficiency and efficacy of services that prioritize personal freedom


As self-direction grows, people with disabilities are finding new ways every day to overcome unique challenges. Be one of the first to learn about these new approaches.


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