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To be eligible to be a Member Organization of the Alliance, your organization should be led by and represent people directly impacted by services, or be an organization that offers self-directed supports. Organizations in this category include: service providers, microboards, support/resource coordination organizations, self-advocacy organizations, and family organizations. Those organizations not meeting this criteria may join as a Partner Organization.

As a way to demonstrate our commitment to each and every organization who wants to join the Alliance, we are reducing our membership fees by 50%, effective March 2021.  Don’t let resources be a reason not to join!

Your support includes opportunities to:

Expand Your Relationships:

Connect with our extensive network of self-direction users, families, providers, supporters, and advocates.

Expand Your Visibility:

We will include your logo on our website and promotional materials.


We offer webinars, newsletters, and meet-ups, and our online resource hub has a wealth of information and tools.

Share Resources:

Have discussions and share your questions and expertise with others dedicated to human rights for people with disabilities.

Tell Your Story:

Take advantage of opportunities to lead a webinar, or be featured in our blog, resource hub and/or newsletter.

Help plan events:

Be part of local and virtual meetups and other opportunities for members to connect.

Get Answers:

Tap into the extensive knowledge and experience of people who are living and seeking to live self-directed lives and those who support them.

Join as a Member Organization:

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