Membership to The Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports will include:

  • All people who are directing their own services (or who want to self-direct);
  • Family Members who support person-directed, family centered and fully inclusive service models;
  • Service Organizations that offer individualized services and supports (no congregate or segregated services) and those with an endorsed commitment to transforming to this model;
  • Organizations that support the shift away from congregate service models and toward models that are individualized, flexible and person-, family-driven. These organizations include: microboards, support/resource coordination organizations, financial management service organizations, managed care organizations, advocacy organizations, agency co-ops, and others.
  • Everyone else who advocates for or has a commitment to citizen directed supports.

Various types and levels of membership will be available to assure that membership is affordable to all.

Membership Benefits

Access to people and organizations leading person-directed services;


  • Clearinghouse for information on how to provide, seek and accept services that are directed by people and their families;
  • Opportunities to discuss new ideas in self-direction, organizational transformation and disability supports;
  • Webinars and interactive forums for sharing information on topics of interest and importance to people with disabilities, family members and agencies offering person directed supports;
  • Social media connections and information sharing;
  • Networking opportunities in your local communities as well as nationally and internationally;
  • Safe forum for expressing ideas, concerns and for problem solving;
  • Opportunities to post and access stories that convey the importance and success of individualized, self-directed support and counter the renewed push for congregate and segregated services; and,
  • Conferences and workshops.

Membership benefits will be developed with input from members to determine those in which there is the most interest. 

To become a member click here!



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