Support Self-Direction for All

Renew Your Family Membership

Father, child, and son. All three are smiling with arms around each other. Son has a developmental disability and is holding a basketball. The family is White.

You have helped us advance our mission of ensuring opportunities for people with disabilities to live fully-included lives of their own design through self-direction. And now we hope you’ll renew your family membership using the form below.

This is a time of great urgency for our community. People with disabilities are becoming ill and dying in congregate care such as group homes and institutions. And during this economic crisis, many people directing their services have lost access to support staff, friends, and employment which enable them to be in control of their lives and be active members of their communities. Your membership renewal today can help us tackle these issues.

Renewing your family’s membership also ensures continued opportunities to:

  • Make Connections: Be part of an inclusive community of people, families, and organizations that share your commitment to self-direction
  • Learn through webinars, newsletters, our resource hub and through stories of people self-directing their services
  • Get Answers: Ask questions and advice of our experienced members and leaders
  • Amplify Your Voice: We’ll provide you with tools and opportunities to advocate for self-direction and the human rights of people with disabilities

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