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Accessing Home and Community-Based Services: A Guide for Self-Advocates

Resources to help empower people with disabilities to live as independently as possible and make our own choices about what we need.

Consumer Guidebook for Self Directed Services

A plain language book on starting and managing self-directed services

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Consumer-Directed Personal Care Attendant Handbook

This guide is a handbook for DSP’s (direct support professionals) and PCA’s (personal care attendants) supporting people with self-directed services

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Developing and Implementing Self-Direction Programs and Policies: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2009

This is a useful tool for all those working to expand self-direction options in programs already providing home and community services and supports, and to develop new self-direction programs.

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Participant Directed Services in Pennsylvania: Leading a Self-Determined Community Life (2008)

An overview of self-directed services in Pennsylvania

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Self-Directed Care Implementation Manual A Comprehensive Mental Health Program Guide 2017

A guidebook for providers of mental health services who want to provide self-directed supports

Self-Directing Supports in North Dakota : A guide for families seeking choice and control (2005)

A guidebook for families and people with disabilities who want to know how to begin self-directed their services. Written by Minot State University. Focuses on North Dakota.

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Self-Direction Guidance for Providers: New York April 2020

A guidebook for provider agencies in New York that want to provide self-directed supports from the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities

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Supported Decision Making: An Alternative to Guardianship

A Self Advocate’s Guide to Supported Decision Making

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The Right to Make Choices: International Laws and Decision-Making by People with Disabilities (2016)

A tool on choices and decision making by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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