Solidarity Statement with #BlackLivesMatter

The Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports offers our support and solidarity to Black communities against systemic racism, white supremacy, and oppression that manifest every day in the United States. The Alliance echos the thoughts and words of  the Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network:

We understand the deep and intricate linkages between racism, white supremacy, and ableism. It is not possible for us to do disability advocacy work that does not address the horrific violence of racism in creating disability, exacerbating disability, and targeting disabled and negatively racialized people.

For our Black community members, we offer our love, our rage, and our solidarity. None of us are free until all of us are free. You are loved. You are valuable. You are needed. You are worth fighting for. Your lives matter.

The work of The Alliance is rooted in the belief that human dignity and safety is dependent on all people having meaningful choice and control over our lives, our bodies, and our environments. All types of criminalization, incarceration, and institutionalization, including prisons, jails, group homes, and nursing homes alike, fundamentally degrade human safety and dignity. The harm of criminalization and incarceration reaches all, but most disproportionately targets disabled Black and Indigenous people. As such, the work of the Alliance must involve efforts to dismantle racial oppression, including within our own organization.

The Alliance will continue to develop meaningful ways to use our voice, platform, and resources to fight injustice. As an organization that has been majority white and non-Black people of color, will also continue to look internally to work to become an organization that is actively anti-racist, including by prioritizing leadership and amplifying work of disabled Black people and other disabled people of color. We will keep fighting for a society where all people can live safely and freely. We know that to be silent is to be complicit, and that the road ahead of us is long and hard.

Black Lives Matter.

Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports Board of Directors: Amanda Rich, Caitlin Bailey, D.J. Savarese, Gail Godwin, Lydia X.Z. Brown, Marian Frattarola-Saulino, Nancy Weiss

Below, we’re sharing resources from Black people and other people of color:

26 Ways to Be in the Struggle: a document that provides resources, links, and ideas for action, advocacy, and support

Prison Bail Out Funds: a list of bail out funds by city 

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Letter to the House and Senate: this document outlines actions that legislators should take to address systemic racism in police forces and practices. 

A list of Anti-Racism Resources for education and learning 

Disability Justice Solidarity in Fighting White Supremacy and State Violence: The full blog from the Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network that includes recommendations for effective allyship  

The CR Abolition Organizing Tool Kit: A world without walls critical resistance education, protest, fundraising, media organizers tool kit 

 LGBTQ Organizations Unite to Combat Racial Violence.

Where to Donate to Help Black People With Disabilities: More than half of Black people in the U.S. with disabilities will be arrested by the time they reach their late 20s. Support Black disability organizations working to stop this. 

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