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Our Mission

The Alliance is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities who wish to take charge of their lives through self-direction and those people and organizations that support them.


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About Us

About The Alliance

We are a membership organization inclusive of everyone committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can live lives of their own design through self-directing their services. Self-direction includes having control over: your own budget, the people who provide services for your health and well-being, where and with whom you live, and how you spend their time.

The Alliance was founded in 2016 by leaders who wished to grow a stronger, more unified self-direction movement that brought together people who receive services with families, advocates, agencies, and other providers. We envision a day where self-direction replaces congregate or segregated services that limit freedom and deny basic rights.

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What’s New

A sister and brother wearing sunglasses smiling together. The brother, Robert Zotynia, is a white man who has a developmental disability and is using a wheelchair

Our Blog

Read stories from our members about how they’ve made self-direction work for them, and keep up-to-date with relevant news about people who self-direct and their families.

White Man With Autism Spectrum Disorder Painting With Oils On Canvas in His Art Studio

The Full Inclusion Fund

Our new Full Inclusion Fund gives microgrants directly to people with disabilities who need a small amount of financial assistance to make self-direction possible for them.

Smiling Black disabled man with glasses and headphones looking at phone with computer in front of him

Webinars, Events, and Training

Our monthly webinars provide people and organizations with tools for self-direction. We also offer in-person trainings and meetup opportunities.


What We Do

Our monthly webinars provide people and organizations with tools for self-direction. We also offer in-person trainings and meetup opportunities.


Increase knowledge of self-direction through our monthly webinars, online guides, and by connecting with our member network about self-direction.


Together with our members we are pioneering new ways to advance self-directed services and end outdated and limiting segregated service models.


Our Self-Direction Spotlight features stories from members about how they overcame obstacles to self-direction and how it’s changed their lives.


We provide financial assistance to people who need a little support to achieve or maintain self-direction.


Become a member with an annual donation to sustain our work long-term and get access to resources and advocacy tools.

We offer four types of memberships for people and organizations. Membership dues are on a sliding scale based on income.


Give a one-time gift now to support self-directed services that allow autonomy for all

Your contribution will help us advocate for the human rights of people with disabilities, and support our microgrant program, the Full Inclusion Fund.

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